Wiley_Advanced Science


Wiley_Advanced Science 

Volume 9, Issue 7

March 4, 2022

Light-Triggered In Situ Biosynthesis of Artificial Melanin for Skin Protection (Adv. Sci. 7/2022)

Artificial Melanosome for Transdermal Delivery

In article number 2103503 by Uk-Jae Lee, Nathaniel S. Hwang, Byung-Gee Kim, and co-workers, light-triggered in situ biosynthesis of artificial melanin in native skin is proposed and demonstrated using photoactivatable tyrosinase. Photoactivatable tyrosinase is synthesized with site-specific incorporation of o-nitrobenzyl tyrosine and then encapsulated into lipid nanoparticles as an artificial melanosome for transdermal delivery. This biomimetic system can recapitulate the biosynthetic analogs of naturally occurring melanin.

  • Uk-Jae Lee
  • Junghyeon Ko
  • Su-Hwan Kim
  • Pyung-Gang Lee
  • Young-Hyeon An
  • Hyungdon Yun
  • Dillon T. Flood
  • Philip E. Dawson
  • Nathaniel S. Hwang
  • Byung-Gee Kim

Advanced Science: Vol 9, No 7 (wiley.com)

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