Wiley_Battery Energy


Wiley_Battery Energy

Volume 1, Issue 2

April 2022

Molecular dynamics study on lithium-ion transport in PEO branched nanopores with PYR14TFSI ionic liquid

Li ion transport in poly-(ethylene oxide) branched ion channels was investigated by molecular dynamics study with many -body polarizable force fields. In article number 20210013, this study features that point dipole on each site which is induced by neighbor molecules allows the atom to be polarizable. In terms of both static and dynamic aspect, Li ion transport mechanism was elucidated in atomic scale.

  • Seulwoo Kim
  • Minhwan Lee
  • Chanui Park
  • Anseong Park
  • Sangwoo Kwon
  • JunBeom Cho
  • Sebin Kim
  • Seunghyok Rho
  • Won Bo Lee

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