ACS_Applied Energy materials


ACS_Applied Energy materials

June 27, 2022

Volume 5, Issue 6

Pages 6481-7888

MXene-Integrated Metal Oxide Transparent Photovoltaics and Self-Powered Photodetectors

MXene-integrated photovoltaic devices can be used to create optically transparent systems to produce electrical energy. MXenes, an emerging family of two-dimensional materials, have attracted a tremendous amount of interest for their use in various applications. In particular, their optical transparency, metallic conductivity, and large-scale processing make MXenes highly applicable in transparent photovoltaic devices (TPVDs). Here we propose a Ti3C2Tx MXene-based inorganic TPVD. Reducing the sheet resistance of MXene and improving its contact with the metal oxide (NiO/TiO2) heterojunction enables the generation of electric power (30 μW cm–2) from ultraviolet light while selectively passing visible light for high-transparency (39.73%). Moreover, the photovoltaic effect induces a high photovoltage of 0.45 V to enable the TPVD to work in self-powered mode. The MXene-embedded transparent photodetector works in photovoltaic mode and has a fast response speed of 80 μs and high detectivity of 1.6 × 1010 Jones. The spacing of the MXene-transparent devices at color-neutral coordinates in color maps indicates the invisibility of the device. This work demonstrates the large-scale application of MXene as a seamless platform for transparent electronics of photovoltaics and photodetectors. Transparent photoelectric interfaces can be used for energy generation; in bioelectronics; and in windows of building, vehicles, and displays.

  • Thanh Tai Nguyen
  • G. Murali
  • Malkeshkumar Patel
  • Seongmin Park
  • Insik In
  • Joondong Kim

MXene-Integrated Metal Oxide Transparent Photovoltaics and Self-Powered Photodetectors | ACS Applied Energy Materials

Image created by minjeong Kim / Nanosphere