ACS_Chemistry of Materials


ACS_Chemistry of Materials

August 23, 2022

Volume 34, Issue 16

Pages 7095-7578

Advances in Atomic Layer Deposition of Metal Sulfides: From a Precursors


Development at the nanoscale has established diverse and complex structures with the help of a growing selection of materials to choose from. Among the major developments that has led to these creations is the atomic layer deposition (ALD) technique that allows precise linear stepwise synthesis of various nanomaterials, which is the defining feature of ALD. Recent research activities have recorded an upsurge in the synthesis and applications of metal sulfides created via this technique. This rise in research on ALD of metal sulfides has established varying methods to deposit each metal sulfide, which necessitates a review that can analyze the major and minor advancements that have been made in the field. Hence, this comprehensive review encompasses the various ALD techniques with which metal sulfides have been synthesized, followed by a thorough account of reported chemistry and parameters by which various kinds of metal and sulfide precursors react, and finally the existing, emerging, and potential applications that incorporate metal sulfide ALD.

  • Perspective
  • Syed Jazib
  • Abbas Zaidi
  • Muhammad Abdul Basit
  • Tae Joo Park

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