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Shape-Selective Ultramicroporous Carbon Membranes for Sub-0.1 nm Organic Liquid Separation (Adv. Sci. 17/2021) 

Volume8, Issue17

September 8, 2021


In article number 2004999, Hyeokjun Seo, Dong-Yeun Koh, and co-workers introduce a new concept in separation science that accomplishes energy-efficient separation of similarly sized organic liquid molecules using ultramicroporous carbon membranes. In the article, the organic solvent forward osmosis (OSFO) is demonstrated to differentiate complex organic liquid mixture composed of hexane isomers using ‘shape selectivity’ within ultramicropores of the carbon membranes.

  • Hyeokjun Seo
  • Sunghyun Yoon
  • Banseok Oh
  • Yongchul G. Chung
  • Dong-Yeun Koh

Advanced Science: Vol 8, No 17 (wiley.com)

Image created by minjeong Kim / Nanosphere